Monday, September 21, 2020

Using Your Facebook Friends to Boost Your Program

We've been encouraging faculty, and especially program directors, to consider a social media campaign for their program. The key is to use your professional contacts via Facebook to reach the people most likely to care about your program...and then encourage them to share. It builds an audience that is tailored to your professional area. That makes for much more valuable marketing. We can reach out to the public on social media in a general way. But when your contacts share a post tied to your profession you are reaching people that can be active ambassadors for your program. The personal insight is incredibly helpful and much better than any of the targeting tools that Facebook offers. We do the initial post on the main Vol State Facebook page. All you have to do is share and encourage your Facebook friends to share, as well.

We will need a good student or recent grad that we can profile this way. The student has to be willing to share with their friends. Here is an example that we did recently for Logistics. we had 9,000 views in less than 24 hours and 693 engagements, which are clicks to the Logistics website. If you would like to try such a campaign, and are willing to put in the work to share it with your Facebook friends, email

What can you do with a Logistics degree? Let’s ask Erika Kolecki. The Honeywell Nashville employee will be graduating from Vol State with a LSM degree this fall.

“I really enjoy material ordering. It grabbed my attention. I started to look at going back to college in Logistics. I thought- that’s where I want to go in Honeywell. I would like to get into one of our manufacturing divisions as a planner.”

TN Reconnect even paid for her tuition this semester. “My faculty advisor, Don Ellis, really pushed me across the finish line. All of the faculty have been so supportive.”

If you know an employee who wants to grow into a new career path have them visit

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