Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Professional Development this Year

There are many topics coming up for Vol State Professional Development. Professional Development for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 is the Professional Development Calendar for the Fall and Spring semesters. More sessions will be added to the calendar moving forward.

iAttend is the registration tool for Professional Development this year. You are encouraged to read the information at the top of the page regarding the Registration and Confirmation process (it will be slightly different from the Summer Series). 

Here are some highlights for programs this fall: 

  1. Teaching Diversity in the Classroom: Why it Matters Professional Development Program 

·         The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Teaching and Learning Center at Volunteer State Community College are implementing a professional development program that allows staff and faculty to educate themselves on the issue of racism and anti-blackness that is very much prevalent on college campuses, including their own. This is one step that Volunteer State Community College is taking in addressing racism on their campus and providing the resources that our college employees need to begin the work of anti-racism in their classrooms, on campus, and elsewhere in their community. Sessions that are a part of this professional development program will be presented by professional staff from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and fellow VSCC faculty members. The goal of each session will be to provide attendees practical knowledge and skills that will strengthen their ability to teach the diverse student body found at VSCC. 

·         Each session that a staff or faculty member participates in will result in a certificate of completion (if you participate in all 12, you would receive 12 certificates). Staff and faculty that participate in two sessions in the fall semester of 2020 and two sessions in the spring semester of 2021 will be provided with a VSCC licensed keepsake/swag item. Staff and faculty that participate in five sessions in the fall semester of 2020 and five sessions in the spring semester of 2021 will be provided with a second VSCC licensed keepsake/swag item and can begin the process of training to present future sessions within the program. Individuals that complete all 12 sessions in the fall and spring semester will receive further recognition by the college and a third VSCC licensed keepsake/swag item. 

  1. Successful Students Professional Development Program 

·         This 2-year series of Professional Development will focus on providing faculty an introduction on a series of topics that are designed to encourage students to be successful in and out of the classroom. The PD will also provide practical uses of these topics that can be used in the classroom (in both a traditional setting and an online setting).

·         This series will be designed to help faculty foster student success at Volunteer State Community College. It will also meet training requirements for FYEX faculty and supplement the Newly Hired Faculty Training program. 

  1. Teaching Virtually Professional Development Series

·         There is a new model for online learning that is rapidly evolving as more and more faculty are using it. These roundtable talks will be a way for faculty to combine and document knowledge from those that are teaching in this format have been acquiring. They will also be a way for faculty interested in teaching virtually to see what is going on or how and where to get started. What works? What doesn’t? Come join the conversation!

  1. Distributed Education Professional Development

·         Distributed Education will be providing a variety of Professional Development over the year, as they continue to provide our faculty with the resources they need to be successful in their classes. 

  1. New VSCC Faculty Professional Development

·         Faculty that are new to Volunteer State Community College will participate in a variety of Professional Development throughout the school year. Some of these sessions are open to other faculty as well.  

  1. Online Learning Consortium Workshops

·         The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) offers a variety of workshops, such as the titles below:

·         Strategies for Facilitating Live, Online Sessions

·         Strategies for Increasing Interaction & Engagement

·         Strategies for Designing and Facilitating Engaging Online Discussions

·         Fundamentals: ADA & Web Accessibility

·         Creating Effective Assessments

·         Fundamentals: Giving Effective Feedback


·         Distributed Education can cover a faculty member’s workshop registration fee for up to two events per person for full-time faculty and one event for adjunct faculty. Workshops must be completed by December 4, 2020. Everyone who completes a workshop will be required to share what they learned with other faculty through either a blog post or Zoom session. Funding is limited, so requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.


·         Any faculty member who wishes to sign up for an OLC workshop needs to simply submit a Vol State Travel Authorization Form to Dr. Rhonda Gregory, Dean of Academic Support at least two weeks before the workshop is scheduled to begin. Here is a link to the full list of OLC Workshop Events.

For information about all of this contact erin.bloom@volstate.edu

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