Monday, September 14, 2020

New Home for Middle College

Plant Operations has been working on a renovation project for the third floor of the Wood Campus Center. It's now the new home of the Sumner County Middle College High School. You may remember that the Middle College office used to be on the first floor of the Wood Campus Center, as part of the Student Services suite. That location was always cramped and the Middle College keeps growing. The new area has plenty of room for students to meet and study. There is also a classroom, a computer lab, and a seminar/lecture room. The space helps as Middle College students are coming to campus each day to take their classes via Zoom. They can spread out and keep socially distant. Middle College staff have also helped students utilize hallways in SRB this fall for even more spacing. The Wood project is almost complete. Middle College administrators plan to have a socially distant open house once the work is done.

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