Monday, June 1, 2020

Song with Vol State Ties in the Running for Official Nashville COVID-19 Title

Musicians and songwriters in Nashville memorialize many national events in song, and so it's fitting that the city should have something official to mark the ordeal of COVID-19. Vol State alumni were finalists in the Nashville COVID recovery song contest, sponsored by the Nashville Mayor's Office and judged by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Conner Sweet was a student in our Entertainment Media Production program and Liz Hengber a former adjunct faculty member for songwriting. Their song was titled "Times Like These"  and performed by Lance Carpenter. Voting ended Friday and they just missed the top spot by a few hundred votes, coming in second overall. You can listen to it here. This is just another indication of the strength of our Entertainment Media Production and Music programs at Vol State. Congrats to all.

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