Monday, August 26, 2019

A Busy Spring and Summer for Plant Ops and IT

2019 has been The Year of Renovation on the Vol State Gallatin campus. The results are awesome, but getting here has taken plenty of hard work for the Plant Operations and IT staff. The Warf project involved moving a Division Office, labs, classrooms, and faculty offices and spreading them across campus. The project was just completed last week. That meant hundreds of boxes and computers being moved back and forth. And that was just Warf. Four offices in Ramer also moved for renovations in the past 8 months: Admissions, Public Relations, Advising, and Human Resources. Each move meant packing up, temporary offices and then a move back. Contractors may have done most of the renovation work itself, but supporting those projects required a lot of planning and physical work.

The faculty and staff in those offices also had to pack and un-pack, spend time as a refugee in some other office, and then pack and un-pack again. However, we have lovely new offices to show for it.

So, take a moment to look around to see what has been done to improve the campus and thank the Plant Ops and IT staff and administration on a job well done.

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