Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Warf Building Update

Plant Ops is moving cabinets and such back into the Warf Building, as much of the construction for the classroom side of the building is about finished. Work continues on the areas near the new Mechatronics wing and faculty offices. We were given permissions to take a peek inside last week, and as noted by many, - you won't recognize the place. Warf is much more open now, with wider spaces and bigger offices. And of course everything is nicely updated. Furniture is on the way soon.

The Microbiology lab features a new scrub room with sinks and lockers. Each lecture room will be outfitted with a HoverCam electronic teaching station. Dr. Faulkner demonstrated those at convocation last year.

The building is still not open to visitors, except for those authorized. So, here are some pictures in the meantime.

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