Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Employee Discussion Board

A while back we moved the Vol State employee discussion board to eLearn. We used to have a link here on the blog. Now you just go to the eLearn home page and you will find it there.

I.T. Help Center has a New Look

The Vol State I.T. Help Desk has undergone a remodel this summer. It’s part of a rebranding to make the center more student focused.

“We’re trying to create a more inviting atmosphere for students and employees alike,” said Leslie Norwood, Manager of Client Services.

In addition to responding to the ticket queue system online, the Vol State I.T. Help Desk accepts walk-in requests and phone calls. That number is 615-230-3302. The I.T. Help Center is located in the Learning Commons in Thigpen Library.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Vol State in the News

Workforce Development has a new IT Academy program, non-credit offerings designed to help adults build IT skills. The Tennessean has the story.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Warf Building Update

Plant Ops is moving cabinets and such back into the Warf Building, as much of the construction for the classroom side of the building is about finished. Work continues on the areas near the new Mechatronics wing and faculty offices. We were given permissions to take a peek inside last week, and as noted by many, - you won't recognize the place. Warf is much more open now, with wider spaces and bigger offices. And of course everything is nicely updated. Furniture is on the way soon.

The Microbiology lab features a new scrub room with sinks and lockers. Each lecture room will be outfitted with a HoverCam electronic teaching station. Dr. Faulkner demonstrated those at convocation last year.

The building is still not open to visitors, except for those authorized. So, here are some pictures in the meantime.

Vol State in the News

The recent Tennessee Comptroller's Report focused primarily on business practices at the college. And while we did have one finding to respond to regarding IT security, overall it was a good audit report. The findings did include a section on enrollment and the strength of new programs which was very positive. The Tennessean did a story about that section of the audit.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Wilson County Campus Fundraiser

The College Foundation held an event at Beretta Vineyards in Mt. Juliet recently to launch the effort to locate a Vol State campus in Wilson County. The McFarland family has donated 2.5 acres and the college is purchasing an additional 7.5 acres for the campus. The college is raising funds for the development and design of the campus. It will be located on East Division Street in Mt. Juliet, a half mile east of the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce Building. The college is currently working through a multi-part State of Tennessee process for the new campus. The finished facility will have multiple classrooms and other educational facilities that will allow Vol State to offer a variety of classes. The size of the building and a timeline for the project are still being determined.  

Pictured left to right, seated: Sandra McFarland and Vol State president, Jerry Faulkner. Standing: Susan Redmond-Vaught, daughter; and College Foundation executive director, Karen Mitchell.

Meet the New Dean of Business and Technology

Andrew White is the new dean of Business and Technology. He worked at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville as director of the Aerospace and Defense Business Institute and as director of the Aerospace and Defense MBA Program. He also served with the United States Air Force as squadron commander and public affairs director. In his new role, White will oversee the Business and Technology academic division at Vol State, which includes such diverse programs as Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Accounting, and Computer Information Systems.

“Access to higher education changed my family’s life and that’s inspired me to choose this profession,” White said. “My father grew up in a coal miner’s family in Fentress County. Through the G.I. Bill he got a college degree and that changed our lives forever. That’s why it’s exciting for me to be working in a place like this.”

When asked about his immediate plans at Vol State White mentioned community relationships. “We need to strengthen the partnership and alignment between the college and employers, to ensure that we continue to graduate students ready to work and to excel in that work.”

White holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Tennessee; a Master of Science in Public Administration from Central Michigan University; and an Ed.D. in Education Leadership from the University of Southern California.

WVCP is Hot in Germany

Vol State radio WVCP-FM has plenty of loyal listeners in Middle Tennessee, but a new report shows they have a streaming audience across the country and the world. Listeners in Germany clocked more than 1,600 listening hours in March. That's almost as much as the total for the United States. Those U.S. listeners come from 13 different states. When WVCP started streaming in 2004 they had 82 listening hours in a month. Last March they totaled 3,327 hours.

You too can stream WVCP. You can find the link on their web page. If you would prefer old fashion FM tune into 88.5.

Rotary Award and Installation in Cookeville

Stephanie Voris, facility coordinator and adjunct faculty member at the CHEC campus, has been honored with the Rotarian of the Year award from Sunset Rotary in Cookeville. In addition, CHEC faculty member Mark Green was installed as an officer recently.  Two more examples of Vol State folks involved in the community.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Adult Literacy Award

Faculty member David Johnson has been honored with the Burks Award for his work with the Adult Literacy Council. The publisher of the Cookeville Herald-Citizen newspaper presented him with the award.

Vol State in the News

The Cyber Defense Program in Livingston is in the Overton County news.

The P-16 Council, led by Vol State, is accepting applications to honor people in the business and professional community who support education. Nominations for the BEST awards are open now in several counties. The Hendersonville Standard has the details.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Logistics Student Scholarship

Vol State student Sara Carmack received a $1000 scholarship recently from the Delta Nu Alpha (DNA) Transportation Society. Carmack is a student in the Logistics program. Pictured left to right: Jim Hall, past president of DNA; Tamara Dunnabacke, DNA board member; Sarah Carmack; and Don Ellis, Vol State Logistics faculty member. 

Wild Campus Visitors

Apparently human parents are not the only ones comfortable sending their kids to Vol State. Keith Bell took some video of these visitors on campus recently.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Dr. Faulkner: Weather Alert

I appreciate the scientific advances that now provide us with more accurate forecasts and the advance notice we receive about impending events.  I also understand that the main factor affecting the ratings for local news programs is the weather segment.  And so some TV meteorologists feel the pressure to be engaging to the point of melodrama. 

In the late 1960s, George Carlin originated a comedy routine called the Hippy Dippy Weather Man.  He often repeated it throughout his career.  It was a satire of television weather forecasters and became a classic in the comedy world.

Given the hyperbole of current weather forecasts, I have wondered how Carlin might satirize them now.

Announcer: We now go immediately to meteorologist Wendy Rein for a breaking weather alert.

Wendy Rein: Viewers we have a breaking weather situation that I need to make you aware of immediately. The U.S Weather Service has issued a warning for our area. At 6:34 p.m. the U.S. Weather Service issued an advisory that at 7:02 p.m. the sun will go down and it will become dark. This is a dangerous meteorological situation as this will leave thousands in our area in the dark. We urge you to immediately seek a safe place where you can protect yourself. Please be sure that you have an alternate source of light like an electric lamp. In an extreme situation you may need to equip yourself with a battery powered flashlight. If you are outside you need to seek shelter indoors or you may find yourself in the dark.

We now want to show you this video from our sister station to the east where this phenomenon has already struck. You can clearly see the devastation of darkness and can see people in this area have had to resort to turning on their car head lights.

Again this darkness is imminent and unavoidable, so please take necessary precautions immediately. As the situation progresses we may break into regularly scheduled programming to update you on this situation.

Now would be a good time for you to download the Weather Action app for your cell phone so you can know every night what time sunset will occur.

This is Wendy Rein. Back to our anchor desk.

Gallatin Underground Utilities Project

This word from Plant Operations:

The Gallatin campus will be undergoing an Underground Utilities Update Project this summer.  It will update or replace the remaining underground direct buried cable. Most work will occur in areas that will not interrupt daily business. The area impacted is on the map below.  All work is expected to be completed prior to fall semester.