Monday, February 4, 2019

Bryant Owens Article Published

Adjunct faculty member Bryant Owens is published in the Fall 2018 "Journal of Faith and the Academy" with an article titled "The Value of Augustine's Hermeneutic of Caritas in an Age of Secular Epistemology"

This is from the abstract:

"Christian philosophy, particularly the philosophy of hermeneutics, must be founded upon and incorporate the principles of Caritas. Otherwise, the philosophy may follow secular ideas rather than theological ideas. (Caritas is the Latin translation of the New Testament Greek Agape, or love.) While theology can become as misguided as ideology, any philosophy that is Christian must be harmonized with both theological and philosophical disciplines. Augustine's hermeneutic of Caritas seems to offer the right harmony between philosophy and theology. Likewise, this paper desires to show that Augustine's hermeneutic of Caritas is based on this biblical instruction, to love one another as Christ has loved the church. As phenomenology has tried to observe, to understand someone, one must also know that person. The hermeneutic theory unique to Christian philosophy rests in the Greatest Command of love. The Christian mind loves because God loves first. The Christian mind then knows another by loving the other and to know the mind of the text of Scripture requires love from God, the author, and love of God, and love of the text. Therefore, Christian epistemology is echoed in Augustine's hermeneutic of Caritas as the unique contribution to the academic discipline of philosophy."

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