Friday, December 7, 2018

No-Shave November Winners

The Vol State Campus Police department led a No-Shave November Cancer awareness event this year. They raised more than $370 dollars. They even made it a competition. Here are the winners:
The Best Try (at least he tried…)  Winner – Officer McKinley
The Ugly (think desert Island survivor)  Winner – Sergeant Pennington
The Natural (Soap opera handsome)  Winner – Assistant Chief Anschuetz
The Saint Nick (fullest and biggest)  Winner – Officer Grimes
The Mean (Cop you don’t want to roll the window down for)  Winner – Officer Scantland

Before and After Pics

Officer McKinley Gallatin Campus

Sergeant Pennington
Gallatin Campus

Assistant Chief Anschuetz
Gallatin Campus

Officer Grimes
Highland Crest

Dispatcher Rogers
Gallatin Campus

Officer Scantland

Officer Phillips
Livingston Campus

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