Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vol State in the News

WPLN, Nashville NPR radio, did a story recently about TN Promise and students who are still struggling financially. They highlighted the work of the Feed, our student food pantry.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation led a hazardous waste drop off day at Vol State last Saturday, as they have done for many years. This year was a bit different, after someone dropped off a tiny amount of what was thought to be TNT. Despite the exciting headlines, the four ounces of powdered TNT was in the parking lot at the event, never inside the college, and was picked up by the Tennessee Highway Patrol for disposal. In case you are wondering- TNT is not allowed at a Hazardous waste drop off event. Fox 17 had this story.

Fox 17 also ran a story about TN Reconnect. We're not sure where they got the idea that we filled up classes due to TN Reconnect. We accepted and enrolled everyone who applied and was eligible. We are encouraging people to apply for TN Reconnect for the spring semester.

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