Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Running on the Great Wall of China

Many people at Vol State enjoy taking part in runs and races around Middle Tennessee. Sumner County Middle College High School co-principal, Brad Schreiner, recently took that to a whole new level. She traveled to China to participate in a marathon on the Great Wall.

“This was definitely a ‘bucket list’ race as far as marathons are concerned. What made it challenging (it is listed as the fifth hardest marathon in the world) is the number of steps. This  26.2 mile course has 5,164 steps. You run two miles uphill to get to wall, then run about half of those steps. The middle portion of the race took us through three rural Chinese villages. Children brought us flowers as we ran along their farms and gardens. Near the end of the race, we got back on the wall for another 2500 steps and finished in Yin & Yang stadium in Huanguaguan, which is about an hour outside of Beijing.  After the marathon, my husband and I spent two weeks touring other cities in China, including  Xi’an, where the terracotta warriors are on exhibit. We ended our trip in Hong Kong.”

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