Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Your Donations at Work in Texas

Vol State Senior Director of Plant Operations, Will Newman, recently led a relief trip to Texas to help people hit hard by flooding. Many of you helped with donations. He's back and has this account of how it went.

Now that it's over I can look back and see how it all happened. What started with a simple Facebook post on Aug 29th quickly snowballed into a full blown relief effort for the flood victims of east Texas.  Within hours of the post, support for the mission was established and the true American spirit was shown.  This lead to a budget, logistical planning, seeking assistance for operations, and the goal to load up boats and pack as much food, water, and supplies on 2 trailers. 

Within 48 hours the "Wet Donkey Team" was up to 7 volunteers which included my poor wife. Word spread quickly about the mission and the funding and support grew. The Vol State community donated monetarily and by filling 2 pallets with supplies.

Food for thought.. as a good example of how amazing Americans can be, in less 72 hours task force #wetDonkey secured over $5400 in donations as well as over $4000 in food, water, hygiene, and baby supplies. Our team made multiple convoys in and out of flood damaged cities and drove over 34 hours in 3 days.

$.79 of every dollar donated went to providing food and water or some sort of comfort item to a flood victim. Any money not spend on donation or recovery supplies was spent on fuel and transportation costs.

I want to thank absolutely everyone that donated money, food, and said a prayer for the mission from the bottom of my heart.

I'm proud of my team. #wetdonkey

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  1. Awesome. A true example of the Pioneer and Volunteer Spirit! Well done to all who helped.