Monday, May 8, 2017

A Surprise Award for Stephanie

A big surprise recently for Stephanie Coker of the IT Department. She received the Distinguished Service Award from the Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Symposium. It's a statewide honor. Organizers went to great lengths to keep the honor a secret. It was given out at the Symposium in April. Her boss, Kevin Blankenship, was enlisted to help get her to the conference, which she was not planning on attending. He mentioned that she needed to moderate a panel and that there was a room available. So, Stephanie attended. And then came the awards banquet.

"They start reading facts about the person (receiving the award). They start reading things and then you realize it's you. They outlined my entire career at the college, without giving out the name until the very end. It was a big shock."

Now Stephanie has an important job coming up next year. It will be her responsibility to make sure the award recipient makes it to the symposium without knowing about the honor.

Congratulations to Stephanie. It's just another recognition of how talented and hardworking our Information Technology folks are here at Vol State.

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