Monday, April 10, 2017

Dr. Faulkner: Cracker Jack Has Gone Too Far!

From my previous blog posts, presentations, and conversations you know that I’m a technophile.  In recent months I've been fascinated by the potential for technology to impact our lives.  But I've also opined that there are limits to technology.  I recently stated that, “while a computer may be more proficient at diagnosing a cancer, I don’t want a computer to tell me I have cancer and discuss my treatment options.”

This weekend I encountered another instances where technology has gone too far and spoiled a good thing.  Wanda knows I’m a fan of Cracker Jack.  I try to limit my consumption but occasionally she will surprise me with a box.  That’s what happened this weekend.  Of course every Cracker Jack aficionado knows part of the enjoyment is the prize in every package.  And so as I crunched and munched I retrieved my prize from the package.  I imagined it would be a temporary, press on tattoo or a decoder ring or maybe even a plastic spider.  You can empathize when what I retrieved was a “Stick It Blipp It.”  On the cover it was hyped as a “New Prize Inside!”  When I unfolded it inside was a baseball sticker and these instructions:

Bring The Ballpark to Life.  Follow these simple steps to Blipp the ball game!
-Download Blipper App
-Aim & Frame Prize Inside Sticker
-Experience It Come to Life

My Cracker Jack prize required an “app” to make it work and it implied that I needed extra stimulation to enjoy a baseball game.  Cracker Jack has gone too far!  You shouldn’t need a smart phone app to enjoy your prize.  Maybe I’ll switch to Fiddle Faddle.

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  1. Agreed! Where is my temporary tattoo or trinket? LOL