Monday, August 22, 2016

Students Love the New SRB Humanities Building

The student reaction to the new SRB Humanities Building has been exciting. Sure, they spent most of their time on the first day of the fall semester trying to find their classes. But we asked those who did have a moment what they thought.

"I think it's really awesome," said Hadley Brennan of Nashville. "I'm a first-time freshmen here. It's so beautiful."

"It's nice and clean. I like the extra space for students. There's no reason to be cramped when you're learning," said Jordan Belote of Nashville.

"I find it easy to get around and the classrooms are really nice," said Cadie Dark of Hendersonville. She was sitting in the sun and looking out over the plaza as she studied on the second floor. "It's great to have space like this to do homework and stuff."

"It's pretty," Janiaya Turner of Hendersonville said. "I also like the elevators."

The first class for the new group of Honors Students was held in their specially designed classroom, which allows for plenty of discussion and collaboration, hallmarks of the Honors program. And it doesn't stop there. Honors has a whole suite with a study room and offices.

It was an incredible effort by so many to get the new building not only up and running, but looking spectacular. We'll have more on the many people responsible for the first day success coming up soon.

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