Thursday, July 7, 2016

Healthy Advisors (and Testers)

Advising and Testing Center staffers have been getting healthy as part of a spring initiative. The Healthy Pioneers lost a combined 21 pounds and two sizes during the March to June campaign.  In addition, six employees (Lorelei Gould, Scott Hilgadiack, Amanda Lamberth, Crickett Pimentel, Beverly Smith, and Terry Bubb) successfully completed the overall challenge by either exercising regularly (at least three days per week for three months) or by losing at least one size due to dieting/exercise.  Several who did not meet the overall challenge still exercised more and enjoyed the initiative throughout the three months.  Advising and Testing director Terry Bubb says that hopefully, it will lead to more regular exercise and good health practices in the future.

This photo was taken at the Health Initiative Celebration event on Friday evening, June 17th. Congrats to all!

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