Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Congratulations to Emily

Congratulations to Emily Short. She is the new Vice President for Student Services at Vol State. She had been Assistant Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management. Dr. Short has been working full-time at the college for 24 years, in a variety of roles. She takes on the new position after the retirement of long-time vice president Patty Powell.

“We’re already a great college division because of what vice president Powell and Mary Cole Nichols created for us,” Short said. “I want to take that foundation and build on it, to make us even greater.”

We asked when she first became interested in Vol State administration.

“In the last five to seven years I began to consider being part of senior leadership,” she said. “You get an opportunity in senior leadership to see how all facets of the college work together. But my favorite thing is working with students and getting to see them grow as individuals. Same with the staff.”

Short points out that the recent enrollment increase at Vol State, due in large part to the Tennessee Promise program, creates challenges in continuing to offer students quality admissions and advising help.

“Our students come to us with a lot of different issues,” she said. “Some are personal issues and some are academic. We have to work to get our arms around that to help the students succeed. I really look forward to working with staff and faculty members to make improvements in what we do, to ultimately help faculty in what they do in the classroom.”

Dr. Short has a bachelor’s degree from Belmont University; a Master’s in Education from Western Kentucky University; and an Ed.D. in Leadership & Professional Practice from Trevecca Nazarene University.

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