Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Inside the New Humanities Building

Faculty and staff had their first look inside the new Humanities building on Tuesday during tours of the facility. What can't be conveyed in these pictures is the width of the hallways- plenty of room for class change times and the overall scope of the building. It also has some of the best views on campus. There are three stories of classrooms, offices and many different types of specialized instructional spaces. Faculty offices are organized to put people from the same department near each other...and near to their classrooms. Here are some of the highlights.

The live recording room of the new music studio
This first floor hallway will have a bank of big picture windows looking out on what will be the new plaza.
The music area will include special soundproof practice rooms.
Tough to capture the size of the multi-use instructional space. It will be home to theater instruction and more.
This second floor hallway will connect to the Wood Campus Center via an elevated walkway.
The view across what will be the outdoor amphitheater and plaza.
Wide hallways reflect the overall roominess of the building.
This adjunct faculty work room may have one of the best views on campus.

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