Monday, November 30, 2015

Vol State in the News

The big news last week was the change in service areas for Vol State and Nashville State. This includes Vol State assuming the full community college role in the future for the Cookeville CHEC campus. It also has Nashville State providing service for northern Davidson County. This is the TBR news release.

Coach Key has a nice write up in the Tennessean. The former Harlem Globetrotter discusses playing and coaching.

The announcement that Johnny Lynn is to be inducted into the Tennessee Community College Athletic Association also made the Tennessean.

You may have seen a story about the postcard received at Vol State radio WVCP-FM a few weeks ago. An individual claimed to be be a murderer and called themselves the "Green Light Killa." There have been no further postcards or contact. We don't know why the person chose to send the postcard to WVCP. It was sent generally to the station, not to a specific individual. Gallatin police have the postcard and are leading an investigation. The story has gone national. We wanted to update you on the status. There have been no new developments in some time.

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