Friday, October 23, 2015

How to Recycle in Your Office

We have a new single stream recycling method on campus now. That means we can put mixed recycling in one container. You may have seen the new receptacles around campus. But many people are still wondering what they need to do in their office. Here are the important points:

-Some office suites have new common office receptacles for people to put recycling into. If your office suite has that new, larger, common receptacle, you need to put your mixed recycling in it.

-Many office suites do not have these receptacles yet. Those folks can continue to put the proper mixed use recycling in the recycling containers that they have always used. Just make sure you follow the rules below.

-When you get a new common receptacle for your office or suite you will need to put your mixed use recycling in it each night or whenever you want to.

-If you do not have a recycling container in your individual office you will need to take your recycling down to the nearest common receptacle, which are in lobby areas and hallways.

What can be Recycled:
-Plastic containers
-Aluminum cans
-Mixed office paper
-Newspaper and magazines

What can’t be Recycled:
-Food containers and food waste
-Used tissues
-Used paper towels
-Plastic bags
-Light bulbs

Home Recycling

You can use the new recycling bins that are next to the Fox Maintenance building if you want to bring recycling from home.

If you questions about recycling contact Plant Operations at 230-3605.

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