Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome International Scholars

The Humphrey’s program returns to Vol State this year. The group of International scholars is shown here with Dr. Faulkner during their first visit to campus recently. There will be more visits, including opportunities for classroom talks and student interaction,  throughout the school year. International Education director John Espey has an update:

The Humphrey’s program is a Fulbright US State Department – Institute for International Education (IIE)   professional program that brings selected educational leaders from developing countries to the U.S. for two semesters of professional development through program participation with only about 12 universities in the country, including Vanderbilt. 

Volunteer State is the affiliate campus for the Humphrey’s program at Vanderbilt University and that gets us speakers, contacts and provides us an opportunity to contribute to the professional development of these international leaders who will return to their countries with an experience that will touch thousands of faculty, students and countless communities.

Our relationship and our participation in the program is that we teach the Fellows what a community college involves and they provide us with their national, professional, and cultural backgrounds throughout the year.  During the year the Fellows will be back on our campus several times and present a session in Livingston as well. 

This year’s ten Fellows are representing several countries including –

Cote d’Ivorie
Papua New Guinea

-John Espey

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