Monday, August 24, 2015

Meet the New English Faculty Members

The English Department is officially the largest academic department on campus, perhaps a friendly and well-read English army, judging from this picture. Here's a note from Laura Black:

It's been a busy summer in the English Department.  We've hired in nine new full-time term/temporary English faculty. These new colleagues include Julia Cawthon, Arlo Hall, Emily Ledbetter, Cori Mathis, Laura McClister, Joy Nettles, Sarah Passino, Cathy Randall, and Stephanie Webb.  Currently, we have hired in over twenty new adjunct faculty, and we are still hiring as we continue to add classes.

We are thinking of changing our name to the English Division.  

We're in for a big year ahead as we implement the new Co-req model and teach over 100 sections of ENGL 1010, a record offering to fulfill the Tennessee Promise.

-Laura Black, English Department Chair

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