Friday, June 12, 2015

Tornado Response in Action

In the case of a large scale emergency it is likely that our employees would be the first to respond on the scene to help. During a major disaster, such as the 2006 tornado, outside emergency crews could take quite some time to make it to campus. That's one reason that we have Vol State employees specifically trained in emergency response. The program is called CERT -Community Emergency Response Team. We have done CERT training on campus for years now. The latest simulation was at the Fox Building last week.

Imagine responding to find smoke billowing from the building and bodies strewn about the parking lot. The CERT trainees were responding to a tornado simulation that left several Vol State people "injured". Volunteers did an excellent job at portraying the various ways people involved in an emergency might respond. One volunteer kept rushing around trying to help people - even though she herself was injured. She had to be escorted away from the other patients. Another was walking around with a head injury. Fake blood helped with the injuries.

The Gallatin Fire Department and Sumner County EMS eventually arrived and that allowed the trainees to learn how to work with first responders.

CERT is an important program on campus. During the real 2006 tornado trained Vol State employees assisted in building searches and helped with triage for the few people with minor injuries on campus. If you would like to participate in upcoming trainings please contact Lisa Morris with the Campus Police at 230-3525.

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