Thursday, June 18, 2015

Aquatic Wildlife Training Program Comes to Vol State

Many people have wondered what the cinder block building is, currently under construction where the Humanities Building was supposed to go. TBR has made us change plans yet again. There is apparently a huge need for trained Aquatic Wildlife Technicians in Middle Tennessee. So, the Humanities Building project has been canceled and we are building a 50,000 gallon dolphin training center in its place.

Tami Wallace will be the new Director of the Aquatic Wildlife Technology program. She apparently specializes in dolphin communication and care. This picture shows her during recent training. Please congratulate Tami on her new position.

For those of you who bother to read an entire article, we will also add that what you are really seeing rising up as part of the Humanities Building project is in fact the Flexible Instruction Space (FIS). It will be used for large meetings, events, conferences, trainings, theatre productions, music productions, and lecture-style classes. It is the only two-story room in the building.

We'll keep you updated on further building tips in the future. But you may have to read to the bottom of the article to get to the real story. And please, enjoy as I do the people who won't read this article and will be asking about the Aquatic Wildlife program for weeks to come.

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  1. this an April Fool's joke?