Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vol State in the News

Here is a cool story in the Washington Post about a Vol State graduate who was helped along in the college process by a program for former foster kids called YVLifeSet. Just another way Tennessee is innovating to help people get into, and be successful in, college.

Free Vol State dual enrollment classes, thanks to a new last dollar scholarship, have made the news in several papers, including the Tennessean.

Channel 5 came to the Gallatin campus for a story on how we're preparing for the influx of TN Promise students.

Graduation is in the news as well...and these days we have several of them. Here is a story on our High School Equivalency graduation in the Macon County News. Here is the Community College Daily report on our main graduation. This is the story in the Lebanon paper. Here is a Tennessean story about father and daughter grads.

And speaking of High School Equivalency. June Spears received honors recently for being named Adult Education Teacher of the Month. The Macon County Times has the story.

In case you didn’t see it in the Gallatin News Examiner, our own Terry Bubb, director of Advising and Testing Centers, was recognized recently as being a “2015 Sumner Star.” Each year the Tennessean newspaper group picks out several Sumner County leaders to be recognized. Terry was honored for his work in growing advising at Vol State, and especially his leadership in promoting Hispanic outreach efforts here. This is a link to the article. You will have to page forward to page 11 to see the Terry piece. Congrats Terry!

The Vol State land donation for a local rugby club is in the Tennessean.

The Vol State SAILS program for dual enrollment is part of this feature story on two high school students in Putnam County.

The Career Exploration Day hosted by Vol State made the Channel 5 news.

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