Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fast Weather Action Saves Lives

The President's Office in the Ramer Building. The tornado went through the lobby. The information desk was never found.

More than 90 cars were destroyed in the Ramer parking lot.
It's an interesting anniversary. Someone had to remind me that today marks the nine-year anniversary of the April 7 tornado that tore through campus in 2006. I had completely forgotten about the date. While none of us who were on campus that day will ever forget the tornado, it is good to see everything back to normal. But that doesn't mean we can relax. We are in tornado season here in Tennessee. We had only minor injuries on campus in 2006 because everyone did what they were supposed to before the tornado hit. Let's have this date be a reminder to everyone to pay attention to the weather, listen for Campus Police announcements and follow instructions closely. Hopefully, we will have many years of tornado warnings where we just get to chat in our tornado safe spaces and then go back to work when the all-clear is sounded. We were happily chatting away when the tornado touched down on campus, hit the Caudill Building and swept through the Ramer lobby. Tornado warnings and the correct action on your part can save lives. That is something we should never forget.
There were people taking cover on the first floor of the Caudill Building when the tornado hit. We had only minor injuries on campus.

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