Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet Distributed Education Director Rhonda Gregory

Rhonda Gregory is the new director of Distributed Education at Vol State. Distributed Education includes online classes and other forms of learning that engage students off campus. Increasingly online education technology is touching every college class, including courses held on campus.

“I want to help faculty integrate the technology into their whole teaching experience,” Gregory said. “You can use the best of both worlds of online and face-to-face education. I love community colleges. They're undervalued. I want to help change that perception."

Rhonda comes from Greenville College, a four-year school in Greenville, Illinois. She held several positions there over nine years, including director of Instructional Technology, adjunct instructor, academic advisor, instructional technologist and Online Learning Program coordinator. She holds a bachelor of science degree from DeVry University and a master of arts from Greenville College.

She's been on board for just a few weeks and part of that time was surviving the start of a semester, which can be a trial for everyone on campus.

"We're excited to be at full staffing again in Distributed Education. We want to hear from faculty and students and see how we can partner with them on educational opportunities."

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