Monday, February 2, 2015

Dr. Faulkner: All the News that is Fit to Print

I am a news junkie.  My brother once remarked that I watch more TV news than any person he knows.  I usually take in the local and national TV news while eating my morning cereal.  If I am at home for lunch my food is accompanied by the mid-day TV broadcast.  In the evening I usually watch the full broadcast of both the local news and the national news.  If I have time, I may watch a second version of the local news on another channel.  I read the Tennessean every day and each edition of the Gallatin New Examiner.  I’m also on the list serve for several on-line publications and read the Chronicle on my iPad.
Although I don’t subscribe, I like USA Today.  I really enjoy getting one when I stay in a hotel and so I was pleased when the Tennessean began to include a USA Today section.  I especially like the State By State page where short, Twitter like articles appear from each of the 50 states and DC.  It gives a quick snapshot of what is happening around the country.  I was a bit disappointed when this section was deleted at the first of the year.

I do wonder, though, how these snippets are chosen.  Among the articles about crime, urban renewal, significant scientific discoveries, and other typical headline stories I find seemingly trivial reports.  It makes me wonder what was happening in a state on that day such that this was the most important story for the day.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

IDAHO Caldwell:  A 12-year-old cat named Pete who lived at an animal shelter for a year and a half has been adopted.

MARYLAND Ocean City:  Two men were arrested for punching a police horse, The Daily Times reported.  Police charged Eric Ryan Dudkiewicz, 23, and Demetrios Xanthos, 26, with interfering with a police animal.  (I wonder if they had just watched Blazing Saddles?)

NEW MEXICO Santa Fe:  Officials say an episode of the next season of ABC’s The Bachelor that features the city will air in February.

SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls:  A proposed ordinance would make it illegal to feed deer within city limits.

NEVADA Sparks:  The beloved Last Chance Joe statue that has graced the entrance of the John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino for 56 years will be moved to a Sparks Museum after the casino’s new owner decided to have it taken down, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported Tuesday.
And last but not least:

WISCONSIN Wrightstown:  An overturned truck spilled about 5,000 gallons of manure in southern Brown County, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported.

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