Friday, September 19, 2014

New Student Merit Pages

Students will be receiving an email about our new Vol State Merit web pages. They're designed to help students celebrate their success while at Vol State. Many colleges and universities across the country have them for students. A student Merit page can list a badge for an honors society they belong to or whether they made the dean's list. We'll be adding badges for various student achievements throughout the school year.

What do students need to do? The first thing is to claim their page. The easiest way to do this is to click on the link provided in an email sent to the personal email address that the student listed with the college. Students can then personalize their Merit page however they want - add a picture or add work experience. They can also put in the emails of parents or loved ones, so that they will be notified when the student receives a new badge from Merit.

When they go to claim their page it will ask them for their email address...they should use their personal email address that they listed on the Vol State application. It's trying to confirm that they are who they are. The student's Vol State email address won't work for that confirmation. Everything goes through the student's personal email address.

All students get an enrollment badge, so that they can see what the pages look like and how they work. It also puts them in the system. Vol State Merit pages are run by the Vol State Office of Public Relations. If you have any questions you can contact us at

If students don't get the email, for whatever reason, they can also visit the main Vol State Merit Pages web page and search from there. If they still can't find their page they can email us their name, city, zip code, and email address and we can create one for them.

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  1. Excellent tool! Looking forward to celebrating our students' success on a broader and more personal basis.