Thursday, September 4, 2014

Health Sciences Faculty Work with MNPS Teachers

“How did you spend your summer vacation?” is a question middle school students from across the country will be answering as they head back to school this fall. But that question is not just for middle-schoolers.  Volunteer State Community College Faculty Monica Korpady and Cory Martin will have a great story to tell as well.

With coordinating help from the PENCIL Foundation, a Nashville nonprofit that links community resources with Metro Nashville Public Schools, Korpady and Martin from the Health Sciences Division spent their summer working with teachers in an in-depth training program bringing project based learning to middle school classrooms. These trainings give teachers a framework for developing projects that teach math, language arts, and science standards through creative ways allowing students to take an active role in their learning. The teachers plan on implementing the projects in the 2014-15 school-year and anticipate engaging 150 to 200 students in these activities. 

All of this is part of MNPS’s larger role-out of its new “Middle Preps of Nashville.” Recently, more than 150 school-district administrators, principals, elected officials, and community partners gathered to celebrate the rebranding of all MNPS middle schools. The rebranding symbolizes the school system’s dedication to meeting the needs of students in 5-8 grade and preparing these students for success in high school, college, and beyond. As part of this reform, teachers are striving to make instruction more hands on and engaging for their students.

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-Matt Seaton, Pencil Foundation

Pictured: Middle School students attended the event and talked about their projects.

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