Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Get Walking Vol State!

The teams are set and now it’s all about the walking. The Fall Walking Program in conjunction with Walk Across Sumner kicked-off in Gallatin recently, with Dr. Faulkner and wife Wanda leading the charge. There are seven teams competing to see who can walk the most. The goal is for all team members to walk at least 34.5 miles (the distance across Sumner County) between Sept. 6 and Oct. 4.  Honors and prestige will go to the teams with the highest average miles per walker and the highest percentage of team members meeting or exceeding 34.5 miles. The person with the most miles will receive a $100 gift card to Academy + Sports.
1.      Allied Health Nuts – Mel Matthews
2.      Foley Walkamolies! – Phyllis Foley
3.      Walkie Talkies – Tami Wallace
4.      Witness the Fitness – Beth Cooksey
5.      Livingston Livelies – Josh Hite
6.      Highland Crest Hikers – Dana Davis

7.      Thigpen Building Trailblazers – Sarah Smith 

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