Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Humanities Building: No Pain - No Gain

The next two years are going to be busy here on the Gallatin campus. Dr. Faulkner reported at Convocation that construction for the road and parking lot projects that precede the Humanities Building construction, will start at some point near or in November. A new parking lot will be built near the back entrance of the college near Enterprise Drive. There will be a new ring road which will cut over from the main entrance and connect with the current outer ring road. Perhaps the biggest change will be that the current inner ring road, Howard George Blvd, will stop behind Caudill and there will be a pedestrian mall for the rest of the stretch past the library. The new Humanities Building, as you have probably heard, will be built in the parking lot behind the Wood Campus Center. 

There will be a learning curve for faculty, staff and students as we all navigate the construction. We encourage everyone to keep in mind how wonderful the new facility will be for Vol State. Nothing great comes without challenges. 

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