Monday, August 18, 2014

Convocation 2014

Faculty and staff filled the Wemyss Auditorium on Monday for an official welcome to the new school year. Convocation 2014 was primarily an informational and motivational event. 

A talent show provided some lighter moments, showcasing the musical stylings of Vol State faculty and staff.

Heather Harper revealed that the Social Science and Education Division was once again the Red Solo Cup award winner, for providing outstanding advising and orientation help this year.

Convocation is also a time to salute our long-time employees. Here is a list of the Service Awards for this year. We'll have a picture gallery up soon.

Five Year Awards
Academic Affairs Division
Philip A. Clifford
Kevin Marcus Cook
Alisha Rene Cornish
Melissa Renee Tyndall Fox
Mohamed Jamshed Ghouse
Phillip Turner Hearn
Peter J. Johnson
Carolyn J. Moore
Angela Racquel Neal
Mark L. Poindexter

Business & Finance Division
Ann Michelle Boyd
Mark E. Dennis
Sheila Wells Jessup
Brian J. Kraus
Yvonne Marie Deweese Waller

IERPA Division
Kimberly Anne Martin
Ten Year Awards
Academic Affairs Division
Samuel C. Cropper
Robert G. Jankiewicz
Kelly Ormsby
Terry M. Seals
Carol Jean Topping

Business and Finance Division
LaDonna J. Brooks
Elizabeth C. Cooksey
Steve Etheridge
Donnie R Goodrum
Morris W. Keith
David Richard Reese

Office of the President
Karen D. Waller

Student Services
Judith Ann Hendon

Fifteen Year Awards
Academic Affairs Division
Julie Gail Brown
Le-Ellen Dayhuff
Yolanda Clarice Ellison
Jimmy A. Hargrove
Carolyn S. Harlan
Joy Hosey
Debra L. Lindsay
Cory E. Martin
Nancy Ann Slaughter
Tammy Denise Swindle

Business and Finance Division
Randall H. Fuqua
Beverly R. Houser
Terrance M. McGovern
Linda A. Parker
Michele L. Taqui

Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Publications
Holly Nimmo

Student Services Division
Timothy Amyx

Twenty Year Awards
Academic Affairs Division
Leonard E. Assante
Travis M. Ford
Phillip W. Hailey
Sidney E. Hardyway
Katherine R. Johnson
Edith Bailey Lester
Hillman Kemp Mann
Jeffrey Tod Moore
Julie Rhea Morgan
George Joseph Pimentel
Gregory D. Pryor
Mary Norton Yarbrough

Office of the President
Jerry L. Faulkner

Student Services Division
Walter Russell Melvin

Twenty-Five Year Awards
Academic Affairs Division
Lisa Carol Haley
Mickey R Hall
Andy Eldo Osaitile
Rita B Sowell

Business and Finance Division
Paul M. Hammock

Thirty-Five Year Awards
Academic Affairs Division

Betty C. Williams

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