Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Jun

Vol State faculty and staff wished Chinese professor Jun Zhao bon voyage recently as the visiting scholar prepared to return home to China. Zhao has been teaching Chinese and participating in International Education events at Vol State over the last year.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my family,” she said. “But I can’t bear to part. I’ll miss it here. The staff and faculty members are very nice and friendly to me.”

Zhao will return to her teaching position at Beijing City University. She’s been doing research in cross-cultural communication, comparing three places: the United Kingdom, China and the United States.

“I came here to teach students Chinese,” said Zhao. “I think people learning a foreign language- you will have a different opinion of the people in the country you are studying.”

Professor Zhao taught at Vol State through a program with the Confucius Institute at MTSU. The Confucius Institute is an international Chinese project to share faculty with colleges and universities across the globe. Director of International Education, John Espey, is working to line-up a visiting Chinese scholar for next year, to continue the work Zhao has started, including Chinese language courses.

“Working at Vol State has helped me to know America and the American people objectively,” Zhao said. “I think American people are very open and generous.”

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