Thursday, July 31, 2014

Criminal Justice Students Get Amazing Access in England

Vol State students have been traveling the globe this summer for travel study. Criminal Justice Director, Kevin Cook, taught a class in England, and they did some pretty cool stuff. Here is a report from Kevin:

This summer Vol State students studying Criminology with TnCIS (Tennessee Consortium for International Studies) through a class taught by myself, had exclusive access to 10 Downing Street the residence and cabinet office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The class topic was a discussion of threat assessment and security for the Prime Minister. 10 Downing Street is equivalent to visiting the White House-Oval Office. Many U.S. Presidents, foreign leaders and the Queen of England have taken the iconic picture in front of the door at 10 Downing.

My students also had the honor of attending a lecture in Experimental Criminology at the University of Cambridge. The students and I were surprised when they were asked to participate in small group exercises with high ranking senior law enforcement officials from throughout the Commonwealth (Australia, Scotland, England) in developing methodologies and theories in decreasing crime. Students toured and received a lecture at the U.S. Embassy in London presented by the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service. They used that experience to complete a research paper on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

Additionally, students visited New Scotland Yard and met Constable Fletcher, a Strategic Analyst for Counter Terrorism with the London Metropolitan Police Department.

Interested in travel study for next year? Check out the website for details. There are mandatory sessions that will be held this fall and applications that will need to be filled out.

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