Monday, May 12, 2014

Leading the Way: A New Mace for Vol State

You may have seen the new ceremonial emblem of Vol State proudly displayed at graduation on Saturday. It's a new Vol State mace, which is an ornamental wood staff displayed during special occasions.  It was carried by Vol State faculty speaker Scott McMillan as he led the administration into the Pickel Field House. 

The previous mace used by the college was destroyed in the 2006 tornado that swept through campus, causing more than seven million dollars in damage. The new mace was designed by Franz Nuernberger of Gallatin, a former engineer at Cresent Fine Furniture in Gallatin. It incorporates a piece of walnut wood from the previous mace that was recovered during the tornado clean-up. The new mahogany mace was finished at the Cresent Fine Furniture Plant. The inlays feature the college crest and the newer v-flame logo.

Photo by Jennifer Pitts
Tommy Tomkins, long-time College Foundation supporter, is also the former CEO of Cresent and thus the connection. He led the effort to have the mace produced locally and the result has everyone quite impressed. It seems especially important to folks that the mace was locally produced and is a true original. Some colleges purchase maces online. Having it made by a local artisan, and tied to one of Gallatin's oldest businesses, Cresent Fine Furniture, has meant a lot to people.

With any luck, we can keep this one around for a bit longer. I'm sure we would all appreciate a break from calamity for a while.

Left to right: Tommy Tomkins, College Foundation donor and former Cresent Fine Furniture CEO; Dr. Jerry Faulkner, Vol State president; and Franz Nuernberger, mace designer.

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