Monday, April 14, 2014

Vol State Tour of Gibson Guitars

Students in the Logistics Program visit all sorts of area companies to see how they handle logistics operations. This time, they also had students and faculty from other programs on campus for a trip to Gibson Guitars in Nashville. Program director George Wilson has this report:

Vol State Students and Faculty were hosted at Gibson Guitar for a tour recently by Bill Judge (General Manager), Ron Moe (Purchasing Manager), and Rob Colson (Shift Manager). All three men met us in the factory parking lot as we arrived, and they invited us to walk through one (of the five) Gibson Guitar motor coaches before our plant tour. 

Ron Moe and Rob Colson spent over 1-1/2 hours touring our group through the plant; they were delighted that several people in our group played guitar, including Vol State Music Student Ellis Green. Our Vol State group was diverse: Len Assante (Speech) and George Wilson (Logistics) with Students Cathy Douglas (Management), Ellis Green (Music), and Jeremy Branch, Michael Pearson, Todd Liles, Martin Wilson, Daryl Garcia, and Kevin Stewart (Logistics). Deidra Hall from Macy's Logistics joined us for the Gibson Guitar Tour.

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