Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Retirement Fond Farewell

The annual retirement celebration at Vol State played to a packed house recently in the Nichols Dining Room. The list is long this year and we will miss each and every one of them:

                   Laurette G. Nuckols –Executive Aide                             

Linda P. Brady – Associate Professor -English            

John D. Flynn – Associate Professor of English          


Patricia A. Regel – Associate Professor of English 

Jane K. Armour – Professor of Library Sciences          

Victoria G. Comer – Office Supervisor –Library Sciences   

Louise R. Kelly – Director-Library Sciences and Learning


Robert A. Forrester – Associate Professor of Mathematics


Susan E. Forrester – Associate Professor of Physics  

Frederick R. Frank, Jr.-Associate Professor of Biology   

Barbara E. Gray - Secretary II                                              

Ronald W. Hackney—Associate Professor of Biology               

Mulloy Robertson, Jr. - Associate Professor of


Dolores Vaulx Pillow-Associate Professor

 of Sociology                                                            

                   Kathy Y. Johnson – Assistant Vice President               

Vickie L. McClure-Scheduling Coordinator                   

Bobby A. Troutt-Custodian                                                

William E. Wohlfarth-IT Technician                                 

Sherry L. Brown- Transcript Analyst                                

Teresa J. Brown-Director of Testing Center                   

                   Betty J. Gibson –Administrative Assistant to the President     

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