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What You Need to Know About Middle College

Next fall, we’ll have a new set of students on campus. High school juniors and seniors will be taking Vol State classes as part of what is called Sumner County High School Middle College. A recent meeting providing information for Sumner County students and parents was packed- standing room only. Right now, there are 50 seats planned for the inaugural class. However, that may change if popularity warrants. A principal and support staff for the program are being hired. There are several academic requirements designed to make sure the students will be able to handle the college classes. Here is more info from a Middle College brochure, which you can find at the information desk in Ramer

Sumner County Middle College High School

A collaboration between Sumner County Schools and Volunteer State Community College
•             Students can enjoy a more independent learning environment with unique features from a traditional high school. 
•             SCMC is designed to give students and opportunity to receive a high school diploma while earning credits toward a college degree or exploring vocational and career options.
•             This is the right place for high school students who can better reach their full potential in a “non-traditional” school setting.
•             Gain exposure to the college experience and enjoy a more flexible schedule.
•             Typical middle college graduates achieve 100% proficiency on high school benchmark exams.
•             On average, 90% of middle college graduates transfer to a four-year college or university.
•             Middle college graduates are among the most sought-after students in the nation by four-year colleges and universities.
•             Students can get a head-start on college and gain a competitive edge.

You can choose from a wide-variety of courses.  Many will help in career exploration and might not be available at a traditional high school.  In addition, you’re able to focus on degree choices in liberal arts, technology, health, business and more. And since you will be a Vol State student, we invite you to participate in college clubs and activities.  

Student Criteria:
•             Students must have an ACT composite score of 19 or higher (see ACT information below).
•             Students must be entering their junior or senior year in high school.
•             Students must be responsible and mature enough to function in a college environment while managing the freedoms and stress of college.
•             Students must have at least ten (10) high school credits.

Application Process:
•             Sumner County Middle College Applications may be found, completed and submitted to the student’s high school guidance office.
•             Submit recommendations from a teacher, a counselor, and a school principal.  Recommendations may be mailed or faxed to your guidance office.
•             Submit a recent ACT score.  If you have not taken the ACT test, you are encouraged to register to take the test on one of the national test dates.  Registration forms and information may be obtained from your guidance office.
•             When you are accepted to SCMC, a separate application for Volunteer State Community College is required along with a $20 application fee.  This application can be mailed or returned personally to your guidance office.
•             Upon being admitted to SCMC, you will be required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and thus compete for a Dual Enrollment Scholarship.

This program has little or no cost to the students or their parents.  To find out more information, contact  or check with your High School Guidance Office.

Sumner County Middle College
Attention:  Todd Stinson
Ph.:  615-451-5200
Fax:  615-451-5216

Who does the middle college high school serve?  The middle college high school focuses on young people for whom the transition into post-secondary education is problematic.  Its priority is to serve low-income young people first, first-generation goers, English language learners, and students of color, all of whom are statistically underrepresented in higher education and for whom society often has low aspirations for academic achievement.  This initiative will increase the number of these young people who attain an Associate’s degree ot two years of college credit and the opportunity to attain a Bachelor’s degree.

Who is eligible to apply for the Sumner County Middle College at Volunteer State Community College?  Any student entering their eleventh or twlfth grade year enrolled in a Sumner County School and has scored a composite score of 19 or better on their ACT assessment is eligible to apply.

Is transportation provided?  Students who attend middle college will be responsible for their own dependable transportation to and from the college campus.

Are there expenses to attend the middle college?  Through the utilization of grants and scholarships, middle college students will not be required to pay tuition nor will they incur the expense of textbooks.  They will, however, be financially responsible for any supplemental requirements.  Students will be apprised regarding any fees that may be assessed.  Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and apply for the Hope Scholarship after being admitted to the middle college and Volunteer State Community College.

Parents of students who do not meet academic standards will be billed for the cost of an uncompleted semester and/or unsuccessful semester. 

Will middle college students receive a high school diploma?  Yes.  Students that graduate from the Sumner County Middle College at Volunteer State Community College will receive a high school diploma when all graduation requirements have been fulfilled.  Students who earn the required 22 Carnegie units and the 23 ½ credits and also earn the required 60 college credit hours, will receive a high school diploma from Sumner County Middle College and an Associate’s degree from Volunteer State Community College.  There will be a graduation ceremony for Middle College students scheduled in accordance with other high schools in the district. 

Will middle college students receive grades?  Will they take the same mandated assessments as other high school students in the district?  Yes.  Middle College students will receive grades in all subjects.  Parents of middle college students will also receive mid-term grades.  Students will take all end-of-course exams and the PARCC assessment as required of all Tennessee high school students.

What is the typical schedule of a middle college student?  The middle college student will no longer attend his/her previous high school and will attend all classes on the VSCC campus.  Therefore middle college does not follow the same daily schedule as the traditional high school.  In fact, high school courses follow the block schedule of Monday, Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday like those of college courses.  Thus, each student has a different schedule based on the days and times of his/her college courses and the days of their high school courses.  In other words, the middle college does not have a set start or end daily time.  If a student’s first class begins at 1:10p.m. on M,W, F, then he/she does not report until the start of class.  If a student completes all classes by 10:00 a.m., he/she may leave campus.  All students must report daily to the middle college high school office.  Per state law, attendance must be recorded on a daily basis and by class period.  Students may eat lunch on the Vol State Campus or students may leave campus to eat lunch, if time permits.  They may also bring their own lunch.  

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