Monday, December 16, 2013

Dr. Faulkner: Christmas Wish List 2013

I am submitting my Christmas Wish List in hopes that I will get everything this year.  Most of the things on my list are inexpensive and I have been a good boy, so please do your best to fill my wishes.

- Give a pint of blood.  Contact your local Red Cross or blood agency and donate a pint.  Remember - this is giving the gift of life.

- Get a physical or have that medical test you’ve been putting off. (Mammogram, colonoscopy, prostate exam, etc.)  This is the most expensive thing on my list but it will protect my most precious possession – your friendship.

- Go sit alone in the woods.  Find the most remote area you can get to easily and just go sit in the woods for at least a half-hour.

- Feed the birds. Buy an inexpensive bird feeder and some birdseed and put it where you can see the jewels of God’s creation.  You will be in good company because God is a bird watcher too.  (Matthew 10:29)

- Send a letter.  (Not an e-mail.)  Think of someone who impacted your life – a teacher, a mentor, or a business associate – and write them a letter telling them how they changed your life.

- Give some money to a homeless person.  Yes, I know they may not use it for good purposes, but who knows – you may just make a difference in their life.

- Give a hug.  Identify someone in your life that you just don’t hug often enough.  Seek them out and give them a long, warm hug.  Maybe even throw in a kiss.

- Read to a child.  If you don’t have any in your immediate family, call the local library and volunteer to read at children’s hour.

- Attend a Christmas pageant.  Not the professional one at the civic center and not the spectacle at the mega church in town.  Go to the one at your neighborhood church. The one where the little kids with coat hanger halos make up the angel choir.  The one where shepherds are dressed in bathrobes, and Mary and Joseph look like the young couple from down the street – the ones with the new baby.

- Volunteer some of your time.  Yes I know you are busy but there are so many good organizations doing wonderful things that could use a few hours of your time.

- Visit an art museum.  Walk slowly and pause at each work.  Consider your feelings as you observe because art should elicit emotions not just intellect.

- Read an uplifting book.  Not something related to your job.  Not a fiction work.  Read something that challenges you to be better human.

- Take one hour and play.  Remember the play of your youth.  Running, biking, skating, rolling in a pile of leaves, tossing a ball, hide and seek – whatever makes you feel like a kid again.

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