Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vol State Students Hear From Renown Researcher

Five Vol State students recently attended the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Toxicology Open House and were treated to a Keynote Speech by MIT Professor Dr. Gerald Wogan, a world renown researcher. He  highlighted five decades of his research as well as the collaboration of other scientists in determining the identity and mechanism of the toxin Aflatoxin B in cancer and other diseases.

The Vol State students were Cody Gibson, Phillip Martinez, Tyler Belisle, Nick Aubrey, and Corbitt Jackson. They were accompanied by professors Dr. Robert Carter and Parris Powers.

Each year the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine hosts an Open House in the Center of Molecular Toxicology recruiting future graduate students into their research labs.

Vol State students attended a number of sessions by Vanderbilt Faculty and researchers in the area of toxicolgy and disease mechanisms. Students were also given a tour of the research labs and Mass Spectrometry Center.

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