Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The New Smoking Policy Has a Personal Impact

Smoking cigarettes is not easy these days. The announcement of a new Vol State smoking policy, starting January 1, is just one of a number of changes in recent years for smokers. For one Vol State employee it’s the last straw or butt for that matter. David Reese in Plant Operations is quitting.

“I decided when they came out with the new policy it would be easier to quit,” said Reese. “For forty years I’ve been used to walking where I want to light-up. With the new policy, that’s going to be a big burden for smokers.”

The policy prohibits smoking in all areas of campus with the exception of parking lots, as long as smokers are at least 50 feet from any building and dispose of their smoking material correctly.

Reese says he smoked two and a half packs a day until quitting five weeks ago. And how has it been going thus far?

“I’m great. I’ve got more energy. I can actually taste food again.”

Reese has tried nicotine gum and the patch in previous attempts to quit. This time it’s been simpler.

“I used the good Lord. I’ve tried other things in the past and this time I just decided to put my trust in a higher power.”

It’s more than just a health or convenience issue for Reese. His mother broke down in tears in church recently when Reese told his smoking story to the congregation. His father died of lung cancer. He was a three pack-a-day smoker.

For tips on how to quit and a look at the complete policy, visit the college web page.


  1. It's the good (or Good) "Lord" or "LORD" not "lord"...I believe that would have been gentleman's intent.

  2. Thanks, we have corrected the grammar.