Thursday, September 26, 2013

Visiting Students from Argentina

A presentation for one of Michelle Vandiver's Spanish classes.

Fourteen  university students and faculty members from Argentina have just finished up a nearly two-week stay in Tennessee and at Vol State. The visit is just the latest cultural exchange with Argentina, a relationship that has been growing for the last few years. The students come from a number of different universities, with a number of different majors.

The Argentine students made presentations and talked to Vol State students in many classes, including Geography and Spanish. They also had a tour, delivered by History Professor Carole Bucy, of downtown Nashville sites, including the State Capitol. Carole even managed to pull aside Tre Hargett, Secretary of State, to chat briefly with the students. They also toured the Hermitage Hotel, which gave the students a glimpse of Tennessee history and present. The TV show "Nashville" was taping in the venerable hotel. Reportedly the Argentine students hoped to be extras on the show, but no such luck.

Rafael Costa, an Argentine student visiting Vol State visits with Vice President Powell.
The International Education program organized the trip, with Anne-Marie Ruttenbur and several other staff and faculty putting the students up in their homes.

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