Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Fun Filled Celebration for Humanities

The fund raising campaign for the new Humanities building has gone well. A big part of the campaign has been campus support. Many people have stepped up to make individual contributions. Some offices had challenges to reach 100 percent employee participation. There was reportedly a lot of IT folks with pie on their face. This celebration for the entire campus included Brian Kraus and Beth Cooksey getting a pie in the face, because of the overwhelming generosity of the people in their offices. The pictures, as you can see, are priceless.

Then it was Dr. Faulkner's turn. Apparently no one wanted to throw a pie at him and so a song was devised by Ben Graves and James Story. Sung to the tune of the Tennessee Waltz, the creative lyrics spoke of the great need for a new humanities building and the opportunities the facility will provide. It was funny and managed to speak to the cause, all in the same song. Dr. Faulkner and Ben Graves sang it for everyone.

Karen Mitchell announced that she had one final surprise. Apparently the committee had suggested that Dr. Faulkner kissing a possum might be a good finale for the event. You may remember that Dr. Faulkner has often referred to himself as a cosmic possum, describing the blending of his rural and baby boomer roots. Dr. Faulkner looked a bit worried when the idea of kissing a possum first came up. Luckily, he was provided a break. Out strode Wanda Faulkner, in a shirt labeled "Awesome Possum." The worry melted away and he enjoyed a kiss with his wife.

Thus ended an enjoyable lunch hour. The Humanities campaign continues, so if you would like to donate please contact the Foundation. Here's a list of the 100 percent participation offices as of this writing.

Admissions, Advising Center, Athletics, Career Placement, Disability Services, Financial Aid, Foundation Office, Grants, Human Resources, Humanities, IT, Institutional Effectiveness, Library Services, Payroll, President’s Office, Public Relations, Records and Registration, Student Services, TRIO, Telecommunication.

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