Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Big Donation for the Humanities Building

Dr. Faulkner accepts the check from Sumner Foundation chair, Reggie Mudd.
The whirlwind of fund raising for the new Vol State Humanities building continues and just recently the college had some big help. The Sumner Foundation, the former charitable wing of the old Sumner Regional Hospital, made a final distribution of funds to community organizations across Sumner County. The College Foundation received $300,000 for the Humanities building project. Meanwhile, dinners and events have been held to reach out to other potential donors. The project will do much for the arts and entertainment community, by providing better facilities for students and ultimately students with more experience when they get into the workforce. The additional classroom space will help many departments in Humanities. We have had great support for the fund raising effort from folks here on campus. No donation is too small to help. Visit the Foundation web page for details.

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