Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What you need to know about Adult Education GED training at Vol State

As you may have heard, Vol State has taken over GED adult education training formerly run by Sumner County and with an overall reach that includes Macon County. The Hendersonville Star News has a good piece on why we took over the program and how it fits into the mission of the college. It's been a ton of work for Hilary Marabeti, but she is close to having staff finalized for the program. You will be seeing signage for the program on campus soon. We want to make sure the campus community is familiar with what is happening, so as to avoid confusion with our current Continuing Education and Business and Industry programs that have an adult education focus. As Dr. Faulkner says, we've always been in the adult education business. Adding GED training and other state programs to the lineup is a natural growth for us.

We have plenty of details coming soon, including contact information, assigned rooms, a web page and other info that will help if people have questions. We'll share that with you here once those details are finalized, and of course with the public on our many platforms.

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