Friday, June 21, 2013

Student Veterans and the Challenges Outside the Classroom

Most of us realize that our student Veterans may have many issues they struggle with if they participated in combat missions during their service. However, unless you work with those students on a regular basis, as our Student Services and faculty members do, you might not fully understand the depth of those issues. This recent article in Time Magazine features a Vol State student. It gives an indication of what might be going on behind the scenes with some of these student veterans.

Ken Hanson, our Vol State Veterans Affairs Coordinator, can help if you have any questions or need advice in helping student veterans.

"This article keys in on the challenges many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are having when it comes to adjusting to the “civilian” world," said Hanson. "Too often they feel as if there is no one they can turn to that will understand their situation.We as a campus family need to be aware of warning signs. Don’t let that student that is having troubles just walk away.  The one person that truly means and asks, “How are you doing?”, can make a difference and maybe that can help them out."

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