Monday, May 6, 2013

The End of the Semester

As the end of Spring semester approached, my calendar filled up fast.  Multiple events are scheduled climaxing with graduation on Saturday.  Concerts, pinning ceremonies, art shows, awards events, and sports tournaments all reflect the culmination of an academic year of work and planning.  It is a busy time but a very fulfilling time.   Because all these events represent our goal – to help students be their best personal selves.  And so each event is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their accomplishments and to have their efforts recognized by their peers and by the faculty, staff and administration of the college.

Of course, the ultimate recognition will occur at the commencement program on Saturday.  I recently gave some thought to how many graduations I have attended.  For thirty years in higher education there has been at least one ceremony per year.  Then there are my own graduations, those of family and friends, and those of the children of family and friends.  I’m pretty sure I have attended at least 50 graduations in my adult life.  I’ve still never gotten to the place where they seem ordinary or common or a bother.  And it is because of the students that participate.

I wish everyone in the college community could be on the stage to look into the face of each graduate as their name is called and they walk across the stage.  Sure, some are trying hard to convey that they are too cool to be excited, but behind the facade there is real pride.  Almost all smile from ear to ear.  Some are on the verge of laughter and not a few have eyes filled with tears.  This is a momentous day in their lives.  Their lives will never be the same.

Please join me this week in congratulating our graduates.  Let’s make sure they know we are proud of them and anticipating their future success.

Student success is job one!

-Dr. Jerry Faulkner

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