Thursday, May 2, 2013

CD Project is Innovation of the Year for Vol State

Congratulations to James Story, Steve Bishir, and Lynn Peterson who have been recognized by the college and by the League for Innovation as recipients of the Innovation of the Year for their interdisciplinary collaboration CD project. This competition was devised as a way to recognize significant innovations at League for Innovation member colleges. The innovations reflect capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded, according to the League’s website ( Vol State submitted James, Steve and Lynn as our 2013 winners based on the quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, creativity, timeliness, and replication of this project.

The CD project involves instructors meeting to set guidelines, rehearsal schedules, and a recording schedule for students. Several classes are involved with the CD project from song selections, auditions, artist development, rehearsals, program and poster development, recording, and final performance. Three classes collaborate on the Christmas CD project. Vol State Showstoppers, instructed by James Story, is a performance-oriented class to develop Musical Theater, commercial vocal or instrumental techniques. Commercial Music Ensemble, instructed by Lynn Peterson, presents live performances at local music venues and festivals. Recording Practicum, taught by Steve Bishir, receives practical experience in recording operations. At times, the Commercial Songwriting and Arranging class submits original songs for the CD project. The Spring CD project involves producing a record of 10-12 original songs written by students. Students learn to recognize good qualities in songs. This project, along with all Innovation of the Year recipients, will be featured on the League’s website soon.

-Alycia Ehlert, Dean of Humanities

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