Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vol State in the News

A Vol State grad has been named Vanderbilt nurse of the year. The Tennessean has the story.

The appointment of Dr. Scism as the new president of Danville Community College has received  coverage both locally and in the Virginia news media. This is one Roanoke TV station web report and a story in the Washington Post.

The appointment of Vol State Assistant Chief of Police, Angie Lawson, received coverage in the Gallatin News Examiner.

The Vol State graduation ceremony received news coverage this week in the local papers. Here is the Hendersonville Star News report.

The Vet tech program is celebrating the first graduating class. The Gallatin News Examiner has this story.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Student Services Steps Up for Humanities

What better way to say happy birthday to the incredible Patty Powell, than by also giving back to the institution she loves. Student Services staff did so by having 100 percent participation in the fundraising campaign to build a new Humanities building. That's more than $4000 folks. Everyone can donate...see the Foundation for details. Oh, and happy birthday Patty! We think this means you need to stay at Vol State until the new building is finished and well in service. No pressure.

Vol State in the News

You may remember Vol State EMS student Doyle Walker and this now famous picture of him helping a runner at the finish of the Music City Marathon. Now Doyle Walker is being honored for going above and beyond. As the Tennessean reports, he will receive a special pin next week from the Sumner County Emergency Medical Services. Doyle will be graduating tomorrow. It's important to point out that he was just one of 25 EMS students volunteering in the medical tents and at the finish line during the marathon. Quite frankly, we think EMS folks go above and beyond on a regular basis. Here's a salute to all of our EMS graduates, faculty and alumni!

(Thanks to Tennessean photographer Jae S. Lee for the photo)

The Pioneer softball and baseball season came to a close with both teams making it to the TCCAA Region VII tournament. The men had the best run, winding up in the finals versus Columbia State. Unfortunately, as Craig Harris with the Tennessean reports, the bats fell silent and the team lost. Columbia was on a streak. Congrats to both of our teams for making the tournament and having good seasons. And a special thanks to Craig Harris for all of his great Pioneer Athletics coverage this year.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The End of the Semester

As the end of Spring semester approached, my calendar filled up fast.  Multiple events are scheduled climaxing with graduation on Saturday.  Concerts, pinning ceremonies, art shows, awards events, and sports tournaments all reflect the culmination of an academic year of work and planning.  It is a busy time but a very fulfilling time.   Because all these events represent our goal – to help students be their best personal selves.  And so each event is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their accomplishments and to have their efforts recognized by their peers and by the faculty, staff and administration of the college.

Of course, the ultimate recognition will occur at the commencement program on Saturday.  I recently gave some thought to how many graduations I have attended.  For thirty years in higher education there has been at least one ceremony per year.  Then there are my own graduations, those of family and friends, and those of the children of family and friends.  I’m pretty sure I have attended at least 50 graduations in my adult life.  I’ve still never gotten to the place where they seem ordinary or common or a bother.  And it is because of the students that participate.

I wish everyone in the college community could be on the stage to look into the face of each graduate as their name is called and they walk across the stage.  Sure, some are trying hard to convey that they are too cool to be excited, but behind the facade there is real pride.  Almost all smile from ear to ear.  Some are on the verge of laughter and not a few have eyes filled with tears.  This is a momentous day in their lives.  Their lives will never be the same.

Please join me this week in congratulating our graduates.  Let’s make sure they know we are proud of them and anticipating their future success.

Student success is job one!

-Dr. Jerry Faulkner

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thanks for the Ice Cream

Thanks to the Employee Relations Committee for another lovely Ice Cream Social. Many people remarked that the umbrellas and sun visors were especially cool this year. As usual, Cabinet members staffed the ice cream tables with reasonable skill, considering the lack of formal training or education in the subject of ice cream. Perhaps it is something Continuing Education could help us with in the future.

Meet the New Assistant Chief

Angie Lawson is the new Assistant Chief of Campus Police at Vol State. She joins us after 12 years of service with the Gallatin Police Department, most recently as Master Patrol Officer. Lawson has worked in patrol and as a court liaison during her career with Gallatin Police.

"I always wanted to do more than just tickets and traffic stops," Lawson said. "As a liaison officer I learned both sides of the law. That position also gave me experience on the administrative side of things."

Lawson received her Law Enforcement Certification in 2001, Basic Criminal Investigations Certification in 2006 and Field Training Officer Certification in 2007.

"Working on the streets and working in a college environment can be different. In the Gallatin Police Department we stressed community policing. We would get out of the car and meet people. And I've seen that here. It's wonderful how open people are to new ideas. It's community policing here, as well."

Join us in welcoming Assistant Chief Lawson to campus.


Vol State in the News

The Nashville Ledger newspapers have a story about the new Allied Health building and what it means for students.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

CD Project is Innovation of the Year for Vol State

Congratulations to James Story, Steve Bishir, and Lynn Peterson who have been recognized by the college and by the League for Innovation as recipients of the Innovation of the Year for their interdisciplinary collaboration CD project. This competition was devised as a way to recognize significant innovations at League for Innovation member colleges. The innovations reflect capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded, according to the League’s website ( Vol State submitted James, Steve and Lynn as our 2013 winners based on the quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, creativity, timeliness, and replication of this project.

The CD project involves instructors meeting to set guidelines, rehearsal schedules, and a recording schedule for students. Several classes are involved with the CD project from song selections, auditions, artist development, rehearsals, program and poster development, recording, and final performance. Three classes collaborate on the Christmas CD project. Vol State Showstoppers, instructed by James Story, is a performance-oriented class to develop Musical Theater, commercial vocal or instrumental techniques. Commercial Music Ensemble, instructed by Lynn Peterson, presents live performances at local music venues and festivals. Recording Practicum, taught by Steve Bishir, receives practical experience in recording operations. At times, the Commercial Songwriting and Arranging class submits original songs for the CD project. The Spring CD project involves producing a record of 10-12 original songs written by students. Students learn to recognize good qualities in songs. This project, along with all Innovation of the Year recipients, will be featured on the League’s website soon.

-Alycia Ehlert, Dean of Humanities

Logistics has Close Ties to the Business Community...and that Helps Our Students

Vol State Logistics students Dawn Leady and John Kemper are both earning their Fast-Track LGM Technical Certificates this semester, and both Dawn and John were just awarded $500.00 scholarships by the Institute of Supply Management-Nashville (ISM-Nashville).

In 2012, ISM-Nashville also donated $500.00 to Vol State to help pay for visas for Vol State Students participating in TnCIS China. Since 2010, ISM-Nashville has provided $3500.00 to assist Vol State Logistics students.

Meanwhile, in other logistics news, Carrie Irvin has accepted a full-time position as Distribution Coordinator at Dorman Products in Portland. The photo shows Carrie and other students at a recent tour of A. O. Smith in Ashland City. The tour host was Distribution Center manager Bud Houck (back row, right side) who, like Carrie Irvin, is a Vol State Logistics graduate.

Vol State Students also recently toured the Gap Southern Distribution Center (SDC)  hosted by Facility Manager Dave McAndrew and Administrative Assistant Phil Grice. Gap is commissioning a new Automatic Storage & Retrieval System---21 levels high---which "goes live" this Sunday. The commissioning team ran the new ASRS system with empty cartons as a demonstration for the Students.

Dave McAndrew also showed off Gap's manual picking, pick-to-light, and Crisplant systems as well as the new ergonomic trailer unloading system. Pictured left-to-right after the tour are: John Kemper, David Ruark, Jason Nance, Dawn Leady, Dipen Patel, Dave McAndrew, George Wilson, and Phil Grice.